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Hi, I'm reinboar. Here's a (somewhat) comprehensive list of my interests and passions:

(mainly old shit)

If any of those tickle your nuts, please @ me, I am very lonely

Just set up a pleroma instance last night at It was a fucking headache but I'm very glad I finally got around to doing it. @reinboar is my new account but I'll still be active (or as active as I have been) on this one.

Gonna try tackling the compiler part of my forth system at some point this week. I'm leaning towards a subroutine threaded technique since it'll be easier to optimize and inline hopefully. I would LOVE to target MIPS and Z80 (MIPS being the priority) and write some homebrew software for the Gameboy or PSX in Forth

Anybody else notice that Charizard has fur in the Detective Pikachu trailer?

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software licensing hot take 

it's never okay to include "you may not decompile, disassemble, modify, or reverse-engineer the software" in a license agreement. That is not a right granted by you, and it's not yours to take away - it's a fundamental, non-negotiable right associated with owning a computer. Computer owners always have the ability to audit the code that runs on their machines and make changes to things stored in their memory as they see fit. We should destroy the idea that it's okay to try to gainsay this.

I ended up scrapping and then rewriting from scratch what I had of my forth interpreter. The code is MUCH cleaner this time around and I've had much less instances of segfaulting my brains out so that's cool

Is anyone unironically attempting no nut November?

I'm not sure how well that's going to work since MIPS is VERY register centric but I'm sure I can work that into an advantage somehow

So I ended up writing a Forth interpreter in C over the past two weeks based on almost nothing but a minor curiosity. Really speaks volumes of how simple the language is yet it still feels very powerful. I plan on extending it to compile to MIPS eventually.

Didn't expect to wake up to IBM acquiring RedHat today. Good thing I switched to Devuan a while ago. Now the next step is moving to OpenBSD and never playing video games again

Plus it's kinda cool that it's the de facto space language

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Seems like the compiled equivalent to Scheme as far as simplicity tbh

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Anybody here? I've known about the language for a long time, but I just recently became interested in it enough to learn it. Seems like it's even easier to implement than Scheme is

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Asserting that you need to know theory to know that hierarchy = bad is such a shit take

I just realized that I need to follow alot more people holy shit


We need a Naruto minetest mod with customizable jutsus

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The #Europarliament has no obligation to tell the public what its 751 members do with the tens of millions of Euros they receive annually in tax-free allowances, the European Court ruled today.

“I don’t know if they realize what they’ve done. To put it mildly, we are shocked,” said Anuska Delic, who was one of 29 journalists from across the #EU to file a complaint to three years ago over the EP’s refusal to release documentation of how the allowances were being spent.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking of learning Common Lisp finally. Don't me wrong, I love Scheme for its elegance and hackability, but I'd like a more "practical" Lisp for some dirtier and quicker work. Plus, I don't think CL's support is spread out among as many implementations as Scheme's is

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