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So I've bought new CPU and found out, that it was not CPU. Thankfully I paid some more and I can return it within 60 days without reason. After some experimenting it showed up, that one of the RAM slots on the board is bad.

@benis I've ordered new CPU, so I'll try that first. I can return it within 60 days if it won't help. Strange thing is that with kernels 5.3 and 5.18 it takes some time before it starts happening and 5.14 and 5.16 it happens immediately.

@benis Corsair 64GB KIT DDR4 3600MHz CL18 Vengeance RGB PRO

I've suffered years of "internal compiler error" on my Ryzen 3950x. I had to reboot like 2-3 times a day. I was already thinking about buying new machine, but it seem I was able to fix it! I've connected to the machine after more than 24 hours and recompiled everything and no error. LLC fiddling saved the day. Fingers crossed it wasn't just luck.

First machine update to Leap 15.4. So far so good. Problem will be with main server. I have services split to separated LXC containers managed with libvirt and it seems to be depricated setup in 15.4. Not sure what should I use as a replacement.

When I'm ill, I finally have some time to go through the backlog of books, games and TV shows. I probably need to be ill much more often.

Adolf Born Merz

I don't want to rotoscope anything else in the nearby future.

If you want the perfect loop of Mach a Šebestová walk cycle on a transparent background, email me.

#startMeUp #windows95 #machašebestová #adolfborn #unixSurrealism #art #animation

Na co nějaké dokazování viny? Ty, co nelížou botu dostatečně rychle, pěkně do gulagu. Stejně odporné jako zavírání za neprozrazení hesla. Ještě někdo chce tvrdit, že ODS je pravice?

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