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I鈥檓 a girl and this made me laugh out loud. 馃槀
Eye and trigger discipline

I had KFC yesterday and today my body is gently telling me the whole day that I shouldn't do that.

what's the most despicable tech company, retoot for exposure

[RT @gray_dot_bmp]
TODAY I LEARNED that `cat file1 > file2` on Btrfs will just create a reflink instead of reading & writing all data

鹿 thanks to the magic of copy_file_range()

I know `cp file1 file2` in new coreutils will reflink and it's a nice feature, but for `cat` it's really unexpected lol

Quick poll: do you use the GNOME Online Accounts functionality?

Mazda CX-30, I've got as a replacement car, only has 2.0 l engine, has some mild hybrid, can turn off some/all cylinders during the drive. With all that it has exactly the same fuel consumption as my 2.5l Mazda 6 without all that nonsense, but it's much worse to drive.

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