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Should I get wine or beer in the evening?

Madonna isn't really 'kissing celebrities' for shock value, she's sucking the
youth out of younger people to stay alive.

There are many things you can criticize a free software project for, but the argument that people who aren't contributors or disagree with the project's vision should be able to dictate major decisions is, uh, interesting.

I'd be *very* curious to see some concrete examples of projects where this is supposedly possible.

I don't have Facebook, but Facebook, for some reasons, is sending me emails like if I had it. I can't unsubscribe them, because I don't have Facebook. 馃う鈥嶁檪锔

Could you imagine if L. Elder were a democratic and it was a MAGA wearing a monkey mask while taunting him?

Where the outrage? CNN? Don Lemon? Maddie? If you still watch network news you are a fool

Mental illness can't be cured by cutting something off.

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