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Steam seems to be a bit overwhelmed by Deck preorders.

@augustus turns out racism and socialism is pretty destructive

Já opravdu nevím, jak mám brát tyto projevy. Co si myslet o člověku, který mávne rukou nad zákonem drtícím právo na soukromí, když ten zákon vydá EU... Ale jakmile má Polsko zákon na ochranu dětí tak to už přesahuje přes čáru...

- If somebody gets sick and dies - that's nature, shit happens
- If somebody gets vaccine and dies - it was his decision, he knew the risks and took them, shit happens
- If somebody is vaccinated against his will and dies - that's murder

I know that all these tests, mask and vaccinations were great business opportunities and you made shitload of money, but it's over. Deal with it.

Global warming is a funny issue, because people debating it have no idea just how aristocratic they sound when debating it.

Homeless guy frear for the next day, because if he doesn't get food in day, he might DIE!!!

Working class people are afraid for next month, because if they loose a job and won't find it in month, they will get to serious problems.

Rich people might have 2 years of problem money saved up, but the same issue from there on.

But only a total asshole can say, FUCK YOUR FOOD, FUCK YOUR JOB, WE NEED TO DESTROY IT ALL so we can avoid a potential problem that will happen maybe in 300 years...

And these people seem to truly not realize how arogant that sounds...

Teprve nedávno jsem objevil tuhle věc z roku 1982.. slyším v tom #EBM.. hodně nadčasový..

@issdeinschnitzel @Moon Holy shit he's really larping as chief censor of the fediverse.
Remember how this stated as "it's only gab. We have to block them or Google will remove us from the Play Store."
Honestly, out of all the apps I have the most respect for Fedilab as they don't block anyone.
Even @a1batross blocks instances on Husky. I don't agree with it but it's his app so he can do that if he wants.
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