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A bunch of British nerds beat up the lockdown gestapo in broad daylight without masks or cosplay.

#Antifa take note: this is what real anti-fascist action looks like.

Fat boomers stormed the capital on their first try; pudgy brits are sending the bobbies running with their tails between their legs; meanwhile your whole Portland "army" can't set one courthouse on fire after over a year of trying, even after calling your mommies to come be your human shields.... Sheesh I would be so embarrassed if I were you.
The US Government is like a passive aggressive woman. It has this pesky 'constitution' and 'judicial branch' so it just finds the most annoying ways to inconvenience people who they don't like.

This is how China operates. Contrary to popular belief, they rarely just black bag people. What they do instead is make unwanted behavior very annoying.

If you do something they don't like, you lose privileges. Not rights, mind you. Flying isn't a basic human right. Processing credit cards isn't a basic human right. So what do you have to complain? You can't. Don't want to have privileges revoked, better behave.

This is your future - masks are just building your tolerance to compliance.

Just HOW bad is Jew hatred in France? SO bad that Uber needs to advertise in public subway platforms there's no antisemitism allowed in their cars.

Being unvaccinated is so dangerous it deactivates the vaccine in those around you!

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