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The "horrible" things RMS supporters say
The actual threats of violence I receive.

So yeah, that argument kinda falls flat. Also, Molly didn't post a single screencap of this shit she's supposedly received.

Reading about Spanish history: Wow, Spanish people had really dark side.
Watch nowadays Spanish movie: Wow, it's still there.

Gently reminder for those looking for a new job - Red Hat here in Brno has lots of open positions.

It's been a minute since I listened to Pretty Hate Machine and as always, it blows me the hell away.

holy hell what a debut. It hasn't aged a bit. #nowplaying #np #tootradio #nin #nineinchnails

The court has just ruled in Scotland that a woman is anyone who says so. So a 100% male parliament, business, anything can now be considered an equal amount of female and male if half of the men simply declare they're a woman, with zero qualifiers

Deadlight: Director's cut beaten. Good game, ideal length. One part is really hard.

@TransGal4872 @ArdanianRight @ChristiJunior @TheMadPirate

>never trust somone who unironically thinks that capitalism will work for everyone

Capitalism isn't supposed to work for everyone. It's supposed to work for being who will get their shit together and contribute and not work for people who won't.
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