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at least if 'doing nothing' is the way to win, we'll live in a libertarian paradise very soon.

Oh my, commies doing block recommendations again. I thought this phase is already behind us.

twitter has disabled the hashtag #1984

Remember when xi jinping banned winnie the pooh?

Get your Pleroma account now, reserve your name

Lockdowns don't work.
And now since the gyms, restaurants/bars/cafes/clubs closed, offices are encouraged to do remote work, hotels are closed, entrepreneurs/small businesses killed and many touristic activities are pretty much non existent, Berlin is now looking at whom to blame that's not the 'young partiers' or the people who are innocently going to the open air markets. 🙄

Great way to kill an entire country.

Why nobody told me that there's new season of The Expanse?

gcc is working somehow strange with Ryzen. After reboot everything works fine, but after some days I start getting internal compiler error when doing parallel builds. I have to repeat the build again and again after everything builds fine. Then I reboot and everything is fine again.

Chcete, aby skončil Lockdown? Cítíte se bezmocní? 26. ledna máte reálnou možnost to změnit

Nevím jestli jsem četl něco hrůzostrašnějšího než "vědecký" článek "Jak zahalit Zemi" od Gregory Benforda v posledním XB-1. Komunistické poroučení větru, dešti proti tomu byla legrace.

It took a Freedom of Information request but @Covid19DataUK acquired 2017-2019 averages for England hospitalizations.

🚨2020 had 18% fewer hospitalizations than prior years.

All around the world, using hospital data without context of prior years is just a fear generating lie.

Raw data:

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