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When you are trying to make your baby fall asleep for last 3 hours and then you check how it is going.

If you cut Wolverine in half straight down the middle, and kept them separate,
would each half grow back, making two Wolverines?
-MissAmberNichole, Jul 2015

Po Vojtěchovi by to mohl vzít Havlíček. Ještě spí zbytečně dlouho.

I've started playing with engine and seems to be very easy to use and documentation looks good. But I'm at the beginning, we'll see where it goes.

Life is strange was great, Life is strange: Before the storm was OK and Life is strange 2 is garbage.

I have in calendar "German World Children's Day (Thuringia)" 20.9. So is it German or World? Or is there some german world?

Finaly, unlimited data in the phone. Life changing moment.

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