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Twitter launched voice messages. You can already do that since a while with #Fedilab on #Mastodon.

GameFAQs limited size of the play queue, so I can't add more games I'll probably never play.

A racist is a white person who won't hand over something Marxists want without complaining.
Cancel culture? Did you mean communist censorship? Why are you renaming something that existed for a hundred years?
Innocent Man Jailed for Months, Until Prosecutors Finally Watched Body Cam Proving Cops Attacked Him

An innocent man was attacked by cops, beaten, tasered, mocked, and arrested, and spent 5 months in jail until prosecutors actually watched the body camera footage.

There will be power outage in few moments, so I'm shutting the server down. It should be back up at about 15 CET DS.

When you try to do something, which is good for everyone, you end up with something, which is not good for anybody.

this is the same person who wrote the wall of text I posted earlier, I'm starting to think it must be a /pol/ack who somehow infiltrated the chaz for trolling purposes. these posts are simply too good to be true
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