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Who is your favourite character in The Expanse?

Who is your favourite character in The Expanse?

shell of choose... pls, boost!

Darksiders and Darksiders II are free on Epic right one. Darksiders is one of the best games ever.

The data protection authority of Baden-Württemberg leaves twitter as it's not possible to legally run the account (even after talks with the company). The decision follows GDPR Art. 26 and the Facebook fan page judgement.

I've watched "Don't breathe" and it's one of the movies where evil is unpunished. Sad.

When somebody is breaking to your house, he's just trying to tell you: I'm terminally ill, I need euthanasia.

When I play RDR2 sometimes somebody's horse runs off and I have to lasso him and bring him back. Will this be the same with autonomous cars?

My wife is watching some movie. There are elves and orcs and magic wand, but it's in our times, so there are cars and guns and cops. It's quite bizzare.

So now calling someone a 'bird brain' isn't such a bad thing?

Kid wanted House Flipper for Christmas, it seems to be quite good game. I wonder if it makes him to do some house chores in real life.

Cop kills man by slamming head into car and choking him after presuming man was driving stolen car

A horrific act of police abuse was caught on body cam showing an enraged California sheriff's deputy slamming a man's head against his own car while trying t...

Už dlouho se chystám na to, že si spočítám jaké je vlastně zdanění v extrémních případech a tady už to někdo udělal. Já teda chtěl kupovat benzín.

I've beaten Detroit: become human. Standard Quantic Dream game in positive way. Really beautiful.

I really didn't understood how Alice could be an android. Why would guy, who hated androids buy child droid. It didn't make much sense.

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