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While I was searching some reviews of wireguard, I've found dinner information about Mullvad VPN provider, which supports wireguard. They don't want any information about you, accept bitcoin, you can have 5 simultaneous connections, and you can choose from multiple servers around the world. Looks really interesting.

Fingerprints are user names, not passwords.

I've read about Wireguard VPN that it's great and everybody should use it, so I've tried it and it's great and everybody should use it. Very easy to setup, fast and survives sleep.

Do you haven an interest is playing around with a #JoyPI? @opensuse is having a lot of fun with our! Our @Raspberry_Pi images work like a charm. See what you can do with it & how you can teach kids/Adults the basics of programming -

Wrong: demand some rights for some people.
Correct: demand all rights for all people.

Rights as negative rights, like nobody can't forbid, not somebody has to guarantee.

#2221 "Emulation" 

I laugh at the software as if I'm 100% confident that it's 2019.

So, there was a fire alarm in the hotel at 2:30 in the morning and were had to evacuate. Great fun.

It's raining in the sunniest town in Germany again. It's actually always raining when I'm there. Is it me?

Škoda, že tohle si nepřečtou ti, co by si to měli přečíst nejvíc, policajti, politici, úředníci na ministerstvu dopravy.

Dopravní nehody se stávají z příčin

Pán Koláčný se synem vypěstovali několik rostlin konopí na mast pro těžce nemocnou manželku. Teď je stát šikanuje. Pokud chcete pomoct, tady je transparentní účet.

So after finishing Q.U.B.E. 2 I've tried the first part and I have to say it's much worse. It's more about being fast than thinking.

Finished playing Q.U.B.E. 2. It was OK, too repetitive at the end. There were only 2-3 puzzles that were challenging.

Up close and personal with this Broad-handed Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa latipes) at Pulau Ubin, Singapore, on 26 Oct 2019. It kept returning to this perch so only some patient waiting was needed to get the shots.

A large solitary bee, it isn't aggressive and as long as you don't threaten it (like waving and attempting to smack it), it will rather just fly around you.

#iNaturalist #Nature #Photography #Singapore #insects #Bees #CarpenterBees #Xylocopa

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