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I bought mechanical keyboard. I haven't expected much and it is really awesome. I also bought vertical mouse and it feels much more natural.

Neví někdo, jestli má Nový Smíchov stále zavřený výjezd z parkoviště na Plzeňskou a jsou tam kolony při odjezdu?

Finished playing Last day of June. This is exactly the style I like. Dreamlike, time loops, bit sad. Also the length is good for working people, one Sunday afternoon.

We are very proud today to introduce Nextcloud Text, a collaborative, rich text editor for #nextcloud! Try it out and get productive!

Morning story
Act I
A: Dad, have you seen this new beautiful granny's glass kettle?
B: Just don't break it.
Glass shattering
B: Oh God, don't step on the glass
Repeated stepping on glass

The End

Arkham Origins is huge downgrade after Arkham Knight. It's evem worse than Arkham City.

Finished playing Batman: Arkham Knight. I guess 67% of achievements has to be enough. With 62 hours in it's one of the longest games I've played. I've put similar amount of time only in Final Fantasies and GTAs (and maybe Okami).

Here at MegaTechCorp we understand how important it is to be an individual and unique, so for the ENTIRE month of June all employees will be wearing a special edition PRIDE uniform, and starting June 28th we will be stopping our whole factory division for 5 minutes so we can paint our happy little drones in beautiful stripes until the end of the month!!!

Pravice však jakoby vymizela. Diskuse už se dnes nevede o tom, kolik se vezme aktivním tvůrcům hodnot, ale na co se jejich peníze utratí. A když scházejí peníze na věci, o které lidi nestojí, nikdo nevolá po zastavení oněch činností, diskutuje se už jen o tom, jak by stát přišel k více penězům. Levice zvítězila. Na celé čáře.

I've finally made Netflix running in on Raspberry Pi. Cool.

We believe that respect for individual rights is the essential precondition for a free and prosperous world, that force and fraud must be banished from human relationships, and that only through freedom can peace and prosperity be realized.

Are you with us?

So I've downloaded new launcher for linux and it segfaults. Thanks , fantastic job.

The last funding goal of @Framasoft 's project for an ActivityPub-enabled event coordination software is nearly reached!

It needs less than 200€ a day in the 16 days to go until the end of the campaign to be fully funded.

Worried about the sustainability of the solution? Framasoft already funded (and developed) #PeerTube, which was released in v1.0 in October 2018. The last release was one week ago, and they're still working on it.

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