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Microsoft Yammer sends summary in email and Microsoft Outlook considers it spam. Good.

And the show confirmation dialog... Who thought, it would be good idea?

Why there are apps, which instead of shutting down when you close the window, just minimize to tray and you have to search for it there and open menu and click exit? Yes , I'm looking at you.

Using is pretty easy. One day of reading docs and playing with it and toy can deploy your app, no problem.

Security check is now much stricter than last time at Prague airport for some reason.

On the nature of socialism, and people who claim to be socialists. 

On the nature of fascism 

John Wick 3 is good. Best part I'd say. Waiting for 4.

Digging dirt, moving it somewhere else and build something from it is in reality much harder than in Minecraft. 👨‍🌾

openSUSE 15.0 had Nextcloud 13 and 15.1 has 15. And upgrade is possible only between 1 major. Big hassle.

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