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A hele, Pomeje umřel v 54. To už nemám zas tak daleko.

So, my renewed driving license arrived just in time

I guess this woman just doesn't feel like being robbed today 😂

"Give me the money!" - "Sorry, but I'm just making some sandwiches"

It subscribed me to something during account creation and I can't find anyway how to unsubscribe.

Some friend persuaded me to make account on reddit and wow, what a mess. Why is somebody want to use this willingly?

One of the best movies ever and now officialy for free on youtube. You probably should understand Czech to enjoy.

Are there really still people with only 4GB of RAM? I thought 32GB is minimum nowadays and 128GB ideal.

You're not a true CSS Guru until you can create a Still Life painting with pure CSS.

#webdev #css

Samsung Announces the Galaxy Fold, a Phone That Opens Into a Tablet

Somehow I don't understand, why everybody, who thinks overpopulation is huge problem that needs solving, doesn't kill themselves immediately to help solving it.

Great. Google have added a level of bureaucracy to their OAuth, requiring apps be verified before people can grant access to their accounts.

Since I missed the initial notice this was happening, and the verification process can take *weeks*, the #mailpile credentials may be disabled. Nobody will be able to download their mail for who knows how long.

Nothing anti-competitive to see here, this is fine. Just use the official Google apps, you'll have fewer problems.

In the name of security... 😞

So I went there without reservation and it wasn't that bad.

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