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So, back to work. After 3 weeks it won't be easy.

So, I now have to decide if I use that or keep Mastodon.
So it looks like I have made social for nextcloud working.

Moje recenze (kladná) karetní hry na motivy Vetřelců.

FFFILM: Stolní hra: "Legendary Encounters: Alien"

touch -r 1218181022.jpg 1218181022-mirrored.jpg # Change the timestamp on a file so that it matches that of a reference file.

We have Systems on a Chip: Raspberry Pi's (not fully open sourced) sure, but we also have ODroids, Beagleboards, Pine64's, etc.

We also have Linux based, FOSS Operating systems tailored to cell phone touchscreens: @kde 'sPlasma Mobile, @UBports Ubuntu Touch, and others.

Finally, we have @Purism Librem 5 that is our holy grail. Open sourced hardware. Open sourced operating system.

But we can't rely on just them. We need diversity and options.

With Google moving away from Android and towards Fuchsia, even the nominal use of a Linux Kernel is going away.

Once that happens, manufacturer support for open source projects may very well dry up. Today's projects still rely on Android blobs for hardware interaction.

What needs to happen, is we need general purpose computers with free and open source operating systems and apps.

when you have to switch to using "literal nazi" because you already called everybody "nazi" but you still use it for people that aren't even nazis

I'm watching Kramer vs Kramer and it looks like fathers are more prepared nowadays.

I liked Shape of Water. I generally like that kind of visualization of 50s. Bioshock like.

whatever you do, please don't run @moonman's migration scripts right now. we found a serious deficiency in Pleroma's OStatus to AP migration code that is triggered by the migration script.
maybe the problem with Pleroma is that it doesn't cover up Mastodon leaking posts you thought were private all over the fediverse ;)
"it's okay to be shitty to them if they use pleroma"

I'm considering another instance block here because you can't expect me to deal with people like this
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