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you don't tell black people that they weren't oppressed so don't tell communist survivors that they weren't oppressed lol

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imagine that you buy an expensive powerful computer, but it's preinstalled with Windows 10 S and you can't change the OS without going through a complex process that also risks bricking the machine and voids your warranty
sounds like hell right?
then why do we accept this kind of behavior for mobile devices

Reorganized also reading a bit and now it's 150ms per 1000 requests. It's not that bad, probably enough for prototype. It looks like that boost asio and FastCGI was good choice. And it's only few hundred lines of code.

“I’m not doing anything wrong, what’s wrong with giving 16 year olds a confidence boost through complimenting their nudes?”

Something an actual fediverse pedo told me while trying to get unbanned from this instance.

Ok, so it was me not working correctly with boost::asio. Now it's 190ms. Nothing to see here.

And when I change upstream server from localhost to it goes up to 40s. I don't get it.

Any expert here? I have fastcgi server which nginx proxies. By default it closes connection after each request. Like that 1000 requests take 260ms. I've turned on keepalive and fastcgi_keep_conn and expected that it would be faster, but with it 1000 requests take 22s. That's almost 100 times slower. Why? Apache behavies similarly 320ms vs 40s.

Looks like sidekiq hanged somehow and now the queue is really huge.

Tried for and it really works fine. Only complains are that only full hd is supported and there is very strange behavior when phone is in cover. With cover open it says that you have to close it to make it work and when closed it says that you have to unlock screen on phone, which can't be done with closed cover. So it's necessary to remove cover before use.

Climate change and global warming stuff really is the religious guilt tripping of our time.

It seems that uws started to be really problematic component. It'd good if Mastodon devs use something else.

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