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@cell @Moon the issue isn't sovereignty, worldwide coordination and cooperation happens all the time without any issues. probably most of the things on your desk right now come from these coordinations and aren't made locally or managed by some 'central' agency. The issue here is that it's not obvious how to deal with negative externalities like environmental issues, because there seems to be no market for them / no way to attribute them, so the coordination is impossible. I don't think that's true so I'm not too worried.

@Stridermcperson They can concentrate them in camps a tell them that they go to shower and instead of water spread the vaccine.

Eric Clapton said he would cancel any shows if the venue requires attendees prove they are vaccinated against Covid-19.

do you care about the olympics?
Reminder to everyone that pronouns are a linguistic construct that, when applied to humans, refers to their phenotypic sex. Anyone requesting 'preffered pronouns' is really just requesting that you remember three additional names for them beyond their given name/nickname.

Anyone who demands that you not use the anatomically correct pronouns for them is attempting to make you lie to them, and everyone within earshot. Laws requiring you to use 'preffered pronouns' are a form of compelled speech, are against your right to freedom of expression, and are indicative of an authoritarian, anti-science regime.

@mig M臎l jsem, st谩lo to za prd. T艡eba jsem m臎l v kuchyni 30 stup艌暖 a nedalo se s t铆m moc d臎lat.

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