I've got Trailmakers somewhere and I've noticed it recently when it was in the list of updated games. I've shown it to kid and he loves it. It's like Lego and it has really good "story mode".

A reminder: Due to a trans rights campaign, Canadian 🇨🇦 charity
👉 Vancouver Rape Relief 👈
lost their government funding last year for standing up for their right to maintain a safe space for female-only victims of rape and domestic violence. ✊

These are the women who will show up to hold your hand through a sexual assault exam, and then show up in court to fight for the legal changes that make up safer. ⚖️

THIS is the FRONT LINE of radical feminism.

Their offices are regularly vandalized.

They continue to suffer funding problems.

The suffer constant harassment.

They get death threats ☠️ from trans rights activists.

And they handle it all with unyielding compassion and grace, without giving an inch. They oppose the march of trans rights activism, without opposing trans individuals; they oppose prostitution, without opposing prostitutes. These women are HEROES. They hold the line for us.

If you are able, please consider donating to the cause of these brave women who stand up for you and me.


@hj @matrix @sampo This is actually the same in C++. 2 NaNs are never equal.

Happy 62nd birthday to Bill Watterson! Im sure he never dreamed how much Calvin & Hobbes would touch the lives of so many people in such a meaningful and enduring way. #HappyBirthday #BillWatterson #CalvinAndHobbes t.co/tWwnONAsOg

@zdenekkreml Používám ho léta, tak 10, úplně všude. Asi moje oblíbená distribuce nebo co. Zkoušel jsem i jiné věci a vždycky jsem se vrátil k openSUSE.

Upgrading to Leap 15.2. So how many surprises will be there?

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