Jak se do lesa motýle, tak se z lesa včele.

@kingu_platypus_gidora Well, twitter requires shortcuts and when you use it, you expect readers not being idiots. So instead of mission to Mars and mission to Moon, you write just Mars and Moon. But it's more fun to pretend you haven't understand it. Right?

Predator: Evolution shows how retarded movie can get. It doesn't make any sense. And the "hidden" activism. 😆

I'd like to know where the myth that boomers did something bad to environment came from. They actually saved it. In the 80's at least here in central Europe nature was almost destroyed, dead heavily polluted rivers, air so filthy, that if you put laundry outside, it was black in half an hour. Every morning yellow smoke. Woods devastated by acid rains. Now rivers are clean, fish returned. Woods are green and air breathable. Sure there can be lot more done, but the progress is amazing. North Bohemia was called moon country, now its beautiful hikers' destination.

@lachs0r @polychrome To be able to configure stuff is good. To have to configure stuff so at least some basics are there is somehow meh. Probably KDE people are using computers in a different way than I am, so defaults are strange for me. (Even touchpad was not working, it was not possible to click, so I had to get mouse somewhere and configure touchpad first)

@lachs0r @polychrome So KDE is not for me. I even couldn't find list of available desktops and when I moved so app to another desktop it just minimized. It's somehow confusing environment. Gnome has issues, but its dynamic desktops work fluently.

@lachs0r @polychrome OK, that does it! You made me to try it again after the 10 years.

@polychrome I have terminal and run from it like 10 avedemux sessions and while they parse the movies I switch to another terminal and do something there. In old Gnome when avidemux finished parsing it stayed in the background and blinked and there was message that it's ready. In current gnome it moves to foreground and grabs focus.

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