@waifu I've tried to boost some your ancient post, but it's too hard. To much scrolling.

@TerminalState Yeah, I think Suicide Commando had a huge part on what I am know. Save me, TV obsession, See you in hell...

open source economics 

#2192 "Review" 

Looks like that it's not possible to give likes on some content on Twitter. Like will just disappear after a while.

I've been using @fedilab for a couple of weeks and these are my reactions:
* Excellent feature set, quite impressive
* Doesn't randomly crash the way tusky does
* Because the feature set is so rich, there are a lot of edge cases which need to be handled, some of those have minor issues
* I think the author deserves solidarity because he's pretty clearly not a fascist, IMO he was singled out from all the other clients which don't block gab because he signaled weakness by waffling on the issue.

@fuxoft That's sad. Email is the last universal communication tool that user can have under complete control and with PGP it can be also very safe.

RT @RayRedacted@twitter.com

When you finally decide to implement the stricter network access controls and firewall rules !

🐦🔗: twitter.com/RayRedacted/status

What does black and white US flag with one blue stripe mean. I've already seen 2 memes with it. Something new?

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