SUNY student suspended for Instagram post saying, 鈥淎 Man Is A Man, A Woman Is A Woman鈥

鈥淏y choosing to enter into certain professional fields, students agree to abide by the professional standards of their chosen field.

At times, these professional standards dictate that students act and behave in certain ways that may differ from their personal predilections,鈥 the university鈥檚 spokesperson said.

So for travelling, we now have to fill forms, which we can download from government web. Government web is down. Good start.

Zlat媒 password-store
Obl铆ben媒 spr谩vce hesel d谩v谩 data u啪ivatel暖 sedmi dal拧铆m n谩stroj暖m

@m4iler We have also destilery, but you have to provide your own fruit. I also have some fruit trees, so maybe I'll try it sometimes.

@mig I think it's from this year, with Selma Hayek and Owen Wilson.

I've watched Bliss and it's really good. I can recommend it.

There's a winery in the village where I moved to. I'm not saying it's something extra special, but I've drank lots of 3-4 times more pricey wine, that was worse.

Hi folks,

I have published the first (but already working) Facebook automation tool, intended to destroy the platform.

At the moment, it loads friends, auto-likes every of their posts, auto-likes random other posts (if they have been liked by at least 4 users). It chooses the second top most liked icon. Then it shares everything from friends and optionally comments their posts (but it is very annoying for them :-))

Let's fill the FB with trash!

@tenthman @Economic_Hitman @Synclair And he invented Zuby's razor: If somebody has pronouns in bio, you can be sure that anything he says is nonsense.

ffplay -f lavfi -i life=s=400x300:mold=10:r=30:ratio=0.1:death_color=#C83232:life_color=#00ff00,scale=1200:800:flags=32 # Play Conway's Game of Life using ffmpeg's ffplay. From

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