@puniko It's bit ambiguous. Proper parentheses would make it clear.

alien: I’ll rule you all with an iron fist

me: our leaders already do that

alien: then I’ll strip your planet of its resources

me: you’re not gonna believe this

THIS is where out numbers come from :mindblowhelp:

Smart Life Hacks PT-23😍 life hacks in hindi | #shorts #lifehacks

Infinite Factz 1.7K Likes 39,412 Views Sep 23 2022 Smart Life Hacks PT-23😍 life hacks in hindi | #shorts #lifehacks #lifehackvideo #lifehackshorts #lifehackvideo #youtubeshorts

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Smart Life Hacks PT-23😍 life hacks in hindi | #shorts #lifehacks #shortvideo #ytshorts #shortsbeta

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@johnny Problém je, že ono je to opravdu trochu posunuté. Některé hry jsou tak špatné, že kdyby byl průměr 5, tak by odstup od toho na 1 nedokázal vyjádřit tu obří propast.

@r000t @matrix That's extremely bad and selfish decision. Parents spent enormous amount of time and other resources to raise the kid. If that kid doesn't have kids, everything was completely wasted. If it's their only child, it's the same like they never lived.

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