I've spent the whole they creating multithreaded processing of big requests on my server. I've written very nice solution without any mutexes, just using one atomic, shared pointers and lambdas. When test runs it perfectly uses whole CPU. Test time changed from 2:36 to 2:34. Fuck.

Full Throttle is free on GOG today, also there's a sale on GOG Connect games

Mohli by v Europarlamentu vyvěsit ceduli: "Babiš, nekrást tady!"

I wish that guy, who sends me hundreds of emails about how he hacked my router and asks for bitcoins, horrible death.

I've bought some new Green Arrow comic book and it really is garbage. I never liked Green Arrow much, but now they turned it just to be leftist propaganda. No story, nothing. They even have Clinton there.

@piggo I only know about this relay relay.pleroma.site/inbox It bring lots of more messages to Federated timeline. So much garbage, that it's probably not worth it.

@fuxoft Tak stejně nemá cenu soutěžit, když se nedá vyhrát. Takže je to akceptovatelná varianta.

@fuxoft Já teda být ženskou sportovkyní, tak bojkotuju všechny soutěže, kterých se účastní takovéto "dámy".

@baldur All these regulations exist only to get small businesses out of the market and give huge corporations monopoly. Like every other socialist garbage.

@baldur Great, there'll be lots of illegal software then. I'm not from US btw. I'm from Europe and we don't have any regulations for carpenters luckily. People here are not that dumb yet.

@baldur This is the most retarded thing I've read this year. We should also certify musicians and book authors in your opinion, aren't we. If you won't have certificate you won't be allowed even to write a diary.

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