@stuarttempleton I just played that 1st episode and it seemed that story doesn't make very good sense and people act very strangely. For example guy finds 2 kids alone in the woods and instead of helping them or at least contacting authorities, he just pays them night in the hotel and gives them some money. And everything is like he's a good guy. It's evil in my point of view.

@sjw I've tried that again and it stays on the list like 30s.

@sjw Maybe it's connected. Sidekiq shows me "Mastodon::UnexpectedResponseError: relay.shittyurl.org/inbox returned code 401

@sjw I've waited like five minutes before adding. Then I appeared on the list and disappered after few minutes. Now I've deleted it.

@Aldehab V jakém světě by lampasák bez prověrky, kšeftující se zdravotnickými pomůckami, o jejichž nákupech sám rozhoduje, mohl být nadějí?

@sjw That's strange, I got green checkmark. Should I try again?

Po Vojtěchovi by to mohl vzít Havlíček. Ještě spí zbytečně dlouho.

I've started playing with engine and seems to be very easy to use and documentation looks good. But I'm at the beginning, we'll see where it goes.

Life is strange was great, Life is strange: Before the storm was OK and Life is strange 2 is garbage.

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