Traditional rant about hating airports.

Man, I hate them. If there's a hell, it looks like airport, I'm sure. It's especially bad, when I have to get up at 4:30. Where's Greta, when I need her?

@karen @waifu You should ask them if they could sell you some drugs.


Až budete dětem číst pohádky a ony se zeptají, jak vysoký je trpaslík, řekněte, že přesně tři pěsti. Slovo trpaslík totiž pochází z církevněslovanského východiska trьpęstъkъ, složeného z *trь- (tři) a *pęstь (pěst). Trpaslík je tedy doslova tvor tři pěsti vysoký. #cestina



2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

@rice @xj9 Yes, of course, it's my blood. Nobody can imagine how different is it when it's your own child.

@rice @xj9 This was exactly me, it changed. I don't know your man, so I can't be sure how much he is ready to sacrifice for this shit, but I don't think he'll say any of these when it happens. Only when he's proper psychopath.

@rice @xj9 I can understand that, but I don't think any man knows or even can imagine before it happens. However he can lie to you, if you need it. 😉

@rice @xj9 This attitude usually changes at the moment wife gets pregnant. Or at the latest at the moment when wife gets fever from hardened milk and man has to start to do everything around the baby.

Is "Žáku Kašíku, nežeň se!" really the best movie ever?

@moonman My collection of Einstürzende Neubauten fits in.

Scuttlebutt Considered Harmful 

I've watched about half of von Treir's The house Jack build about a month ago and I'm still not sure I want to watch the rest. That thing is evil.

@matrix I need that. My sister in law is playing carols 3rd whole evening. Not sure if I can make it.


Boze! Tohle doporucuje banka, postavena na technologiich. Stejne doporuceni davate vasim zamestnancum, Pokud ano, pak je cas se bat o data a penize klientu...


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