First machine update to Leap 15.4. So far so good. Problem will be with main server. I have services split to separated LXC containers managed with libvirt and it seems to be depricated setup in 15.4. Not sure what should I use as a replacement.

There's big update of Tumbleweed that changes over 7000 packages and takes over an hour. I'm doing some other stuff meanwhile. At the end some post stuff is done that opens special dialog that gets focus while I'm typing somewhere else. It takes it as I clicked abort button. I have to do that long update again. And this is why focus stealing is very, very wrong concept. Looking at you .

@opensuse What's recommended for k8s development on ? minikube is very old for Leap and can't handle more up to date versions of of k8s. Microk8s is not in repos and snap has to be installed from the outside to get it. k3s seems also to be very old in repos. Kubic in VM?

Upgrading to Leap 15.2. So how many surprises will be there?

So update to 15.1 went smoothly, but acces to google still not possible from evolution/online accounts/epiphany and alacritty is crashing with illegal instruction. Could be worse.

@opensuse stopped working in . Any idea what can be wrong. Looks like something is missing in python3-qt5.

New Tumbleweed splash screen is beautifull. Good work.

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