I've watched Choose or die and the girl had much easier version of the game then the previous player.

Wow, the new Texas chainsaw massacre is so bad. It's even worse than I expected. Not scary at all. I was at cinema in 2003 to see the one with Jessica Biel and one guy was so scared that he lied down on the floor and cover his head.

I've watched Under the Silver lake and it was one of the wierdiest things I've ever watched.

I've watched Birds of Prey and it took crown of the worst movie ever from Omega Doom.

I watched Relic (imdb.com/title/tt9072352/?ref_) yesterday and it was one the most scariest thing, I've ever seen. And it could achieve it completely without any jump scares. Thumbs up.

I've watched Bliss and it's really good. I can recommend it.

I've watched Ma Loute (imdb.com/title/tt4726636/) yesterday and I'd really like to know what message was the writer trying to tell me. Why were those people flying?

I've finally watched Once upon a time in Hollywood and I've found it much better than people told me it is. I really liked Brenda.

I've watched movie Happy End imdb.com/title/tt0061029/?ref_ and it was very interesting. It starts with main character death and goes backwards, but narative is as it goes normaly forward. So narrator refers to his death as birth, wedding as giving wife back to parents. Sometimes talking is also backwards but usualy it's normal, just sentences are backwards, so there's answer, question, answer to previous question, etc. It creates funny moments, because answer to previous question, you don't know yet makes great answer to current question. Really recommend, at least for Czech speaking people.

I was in the mood for some movie yesterday, so I've tried "Cam" on and it was basically about girl who couldn't log in to her account on some server.
Some time ago I watched something about people getting lost in tall grass.

WTF? Are these things really what people find scary nowadays?

I expected Star Wars IX to be bad, but not this bad. Boring piece of shit.

Is "Žáku Kašíku, nežeň se!" really the best movie ever?

I've watched about half of von Treir's The house Jack build about a month ago and I'm still not sure I want to watch the rest. That thing is evil.

I've watched Snowpiercer. It didn't make any sense, but it still was entertaining.

Predator: Evolution shows how retarded movie can get. It doesn't make any sense. And the "hidden" activism. 😆

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