I bought everything Tension Control has on Bandcamp. I didn't listen to all of it yet, but everything I listened to was great.

Last tweek I've discovered this song and listening to it since then. I was like WTF? at first, because it's completely different than previous records, but now I'm liking it a lot.

Ludovico Technique - Absence


Current mood. Why haven't I noticed this song before? I have the album for some time.

▶︎ Hey Sam (fake.rmx) | Alfa Matrix

I bought new Front Line Assembly, Die Klute and Lead Into Gold. None of them don't have the energy it has in the nineties/early 2000. Still good music nevertheless.

Demonic Electronic from Bile is so good. Especially songs Celebrity and Bad Karma.

I visited Tension Control / Front Line Assembly / Die Krupps concert yesterday. I didn't know the first one, but it was also very good like the rest. forever.

Meeting another lover today reminded me that this question is still open.


So, is it?

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