Lard, you can see it in the clouds up in the sky
Lard floats by in clusters in our water supply
Lard, it's all of us, man, in our pores and in our hair
Lard's what we conceal in those corny clothes we wear
Lard is all
Lard is divine
Lard is in control
Lard whips and chains our soul
We carry credit cards
We live in fear of art
Lard is the om
Lard is revolution
Lard is the tapeworm in the bottle of cheap tequila
That comes alive at night and sneaks up and bites your nipple

Home server upgrade done. Now I have to find some usage for it. 😁

Dnešní školy jsou podle novinkářů ještě příliš málo podobné vězení.

I bought this thing, attached Gamecube and it worked after all these years. Finally I could show Wind Waker to my son and he loved it. And it even looks quite good on 4K monitor.

To jako znamená, že v případě nepřízně počasí se budou buřty opékat v budově školy? Tak to jsem zvědav.

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