Horizon Zero Dawn is 50 % off on GOG. So, if there's anybody who didn't play it, go now, it's awesome.

The game looks like just another Far-cry/Assasins creed mix...

Is there anything special about the game?

@LukeAlmighty Yes, mostly the gameplay is very good and addictive. There are all the same enemies in Assassins's Creed, so it's very repetitive. There's lots of variety in HZD and you really feel that you've achieved something, when you take down some big machine, you thought it'll be impossible to defeat. Also you can use many different approaches even with the same type of machine, so it rarely feel repetitive. I've beaten the game 3 times.


@LukeAlmighty It's more like Breath of Wild, but better, than AC.

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That is quite some claim :alexjonesbald:

I startrd playing Breath of the wild last week, and the ammount of unique mechanics is staggering.

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