What happened to Stefan Molyneux? Did he died?

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@Mac_CZ he became irrelevant again when YouTube banned him
@Moon @Mac_CZ He has his own website which he posts videos to... don't think he went irrelevant. He also joins in conversations on other channels. Youtube just made him more accessible before.
@sim @Mac_CZ he's probably got a tenth of his audience tho
@Moon @Mac_CZ Maybe... but it seems to be enough for him to post regular podcasts here:

@Moon @Mac_CZ
You cannot survive on alternative platforms by monologing without being special.

And hours of talking about universally prefferable behavior simply doesn't cut it. Especially since the entire concept is as simple to debunk as they get.

@Mac_CZ might be a lie but i think he made his own hugbox platform or atleast found one and is living off of his not-a-cult members tossing neetbux at his nuts

i think i asked this a while ago and i got a pretty good answer but i dont remember any of that lol
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