Working setup swtched from 2k, 4k, fullhd to 2k, 4k, 4k. My life is much better now.

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@Mac_CZ I think of getting a 40" 4K television as my monitor in our next house (aka if we've get a dedicated room for an 'office') 😎👍

@Mac_CZ meh, I think I'd rather have 1 big screen I can divide into quadrants or master and stacks then 3 screens 🤔

@RyuKurisu Yeah, some people prefer one screen. I have such colleges. I don't mind turning my head all the time. I was also thinking about something like this.

@Mac_CZ yeah, but that is like a 3:1 ratio with the width of a 40" 19:6 television. That's why I want a 40" television, because that's like a 4 20" screen setup 😎👍 (2x2)

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