I'd like to setup some chat server, I hear that XMPP is bad and dead, matrix is bad and dead. I didn't like nextcloud talk much. So what is good? Is there something? Ideally with GPG and Android app.

@frankiesaxx Isn't that something ancient? But it can mean, it's really polished. I'll check, thanks. But I suppose voice or video is no option there.

@Mac_CZ no it's just text. It depends on what you want to use it for.

XMPP might actually work for you. I think Prosody has modules that can do voice and video, though I haven't looked into it. Or maybe Mumble?

@frankiesaxx @blub @meldrian @lady_jellypotato To explain my motivation. My family is using hangouts, text chat with my wife, sending pictures. Kid is using it for audio/video calls with grandparents. Hangouts will be closed soon so there will need for replacement. And I'd like to replace it with open stuff. It doesn't have to be one thing neccesarily, but some combination. Nextcloud talk would be quite OK, if they make notifications work

It's part of my daily communication routine with several people all around the internet. Thx to conversations (it's free on f-droid) it replaced even WhatsApp a while ago.
You frightened me by saying it's dead 😄

@Mac_CZ NodeBB (forum software) and Pleroma (fediverse software) offer chat functionality, and both are Free Software and not dead!

@Mac_CZ Depends on your usecase. I never checked out #mattermost but had good experience with #nextcloud talk and #XMPP works fine for text messaging.

Hangout will be closed? Google said users will get "Hangouts Chat" and "Hangouts Meet". So ... I think it's not the end.

@kostensenker They said something, it'll be for companies only or something. However I don't want to be in stress if and what Google stops supporting again.

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