This is interesting.

‘Asked to think like a liberal, conservatives answered moral questions just as the liberal would answer them, but liberal students were unable to do the reverse. Rather, they seemed to put moral ideas into the mouths of conservatives that they don’t hold.’

This he calls the ‘conservative advantage,’ and it goes a long way in explaining the different ways each side deals with opinions unlike their own. People get angry at what they don’t understand, and an all-progressive education ensures that they don’t understand.

@Mac_CZ .... which is something persons like priest Piťha would never do? You really believe liberals want to destroy family, etc.?

@xchaos I don't see any connection between the article and your comment. But still suggest to read the article, it's very long, but very interesting.

@Mac_CZ I will do, but anyway, maybe you are talking about mainstream liberal conservatives, and also probably western ones. What is recently considered to be "conservativism" in Eastern Europe is at least as brainded, as any radical leftist ever was... (and liberals are not radical leftists...)

@Mac_CZ I really would like to see the methodology used in detail because it must have been very hard to design such a study to be reliable and sound.


Question for conservative: If you were liberal, would you advocate capital punishment?

Q for liberal: If you were liberal, would you you advocate the idea of three hypostases in godhead?

@mprymek But it does make sense even without knowing exact metodology. Main message is: Universities present only liberal philosophy, so conservative students, who in spare time read conservative books, know both sides and liberal students, who read liberal books in spare time, know only one side.

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