It started raining a lot exactly at the moment I wanted to go home. 馃様

Are you saying that this linux can run on a computer without windows underneath it, at all? As in, without a boot disk, without any drivers, and without any services?

That sounds preposterous to me.

If it were true (and I doubt it), then companies would be selling computers without a windows. This clearly is not happening, so there must be some error in your calculations. I hope you realise that windows is more than just Office? Its a whole system that runs the computer from start to finish, and that is a very difficult thing to acheive. A lot of people dont realise this.

Microsoft just spent $9 billion and many years to create Vista, so it does not sound reasonable that some new alternative could just snap into existence overnight like that. It would take billions of dollars and a massive effort to achieve. IBM tried, and spent a huge amount of money developing OS/2 but could never keep up with Windows. Apple tried to create their own system for years, but finally gave up recently and moved to Intel and Microsoft.

Its just not possible that a freeware like the Linux could be extended to the point where it runs the entire computer fron start to finish, without using some of the more critical parts of windows. Not possible.

I think you need to re-examine your assumptions.

There was TV on so I've watched some part of Olympic games and WTF? Everybody had clothes on and there were women! What happened to that beautiful tradition?

Working setup swtched from 2k, 4k, fullhd to 2k, 4k, 4k. My life is much better now.

You wont see on any public timeline. That means this guy went to with the specific goal of finding CP, and then pulled up that user via baraag is also excluded from the media proxy, so he pulled the image directly from the baraag server.

#2494 Flawed Data 

We trained it to produce data that looked convincing, and we have to admit the results look convincing!

@cell @Moon the issue isn't sovereignty, worldwide coordination and cooperation happens all the time without any issues. probably most of the things on your desk right now come from these coordinations and aren't made locally or managed by some 'central' agency. The issue here is that it's not obvious how to deal with negative externalities like environmental issues, because there seems to be no market for them / no way to attribute them, so the coordination is impossible. I don't think that's true so I'm not too worried.
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