What I really love in is validation layer. It really helps you find where the problem is.

Oi, Castro fans (i mean all of you 38,654,738 living in the great white north 🇨🇦)

When is enough enough for you guys?
Your dude is unhinged, eh


"Děkujeme, že jste zakoupili naše nejnovější vodoměry s bezdrátovým odečtem. Abyste je mohli používat, musíte si koupit Windows a Microsoft Office."


I'm starting to be pretty confident in . I was really overwhelmed at first, the amount of the things, it's necessary to do, is enormous. But now I already know, what belongs where, what most of the pieces are doing and why is it like that.

Dneska jsem vyjel kopec v Úholičkách a ani mi nebylo na umření. Pokrok!

I'm about in the middle of the second series of The Boys and it's really good.

everyone always talks about how good MS compilers are but i really don't see it, GNU is the real industry standard ofc

Lawn mowing simulator is exactly as boring as one would imagine.

I've tried connecting my Xbox controller via BT without dongle. It works fine in Windows, but in Linux right stick and shoulder buttons are wrongly mapped. It also can't be paired with Windows and Linux at the same time. So Linux wins USB connection, at least USB-C cable doesn't fall off so often as micro USB cable did.

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