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to add onto the long thread yesterday about how working too much is so prevalent and so bad:

I think public school homework is a super bad influence on this because it teaches you from an early age that your work will follow you home and you can never truly escape it

Also is there really ironclad evidence that homework actually works at helping students learn or is it just to get people used to working too much

Fellow artists: would you go with
1) a small notebook(+ form factor/-no pen) and an additional good wacom tablet(+great pen/-additional part to carry if I want to draw)
2) larger notebook(-heavier and larger/+pen support) -> one device for both but worse pen

I carry my notebook around _a lot_. I also draw a lot digitally. Super hard to decide :(

I used for C++ development for years. Recently I'be started new project and I was lazy to set it up for Eclipse, so I've done everything in vim/gdb. I've found out, that Eclipse is not more effective than this combo. for the win. (I have YouCompleteMe plugin though, it's great part of the easiness.)

hey. it's the 16th of Daily Java January. this one wants to come see what youre doin. open the door pleas

Smuglist is a parody of the widely known fediverse blocklist called blockchain. It’s purpose is to highlight why blocklists are a bad idea.

I never knew there's market for camel urine. Am I missing something?

I think if you take intersectionality far enough, dividing people up into smaller and smaller groups, you ultimately wind up with individualism.

* GameHub for Linux *

Combine your Steam / GoG / Humblebundle / Retroarch games conveniently into one application.

GameHub supports non-native games as well as native games for Linux.

It supports multiple compatibility layers for non-native games:

* Wine / Proton
* DOSBox
* RetroArch
* ScummVM

It also allows to add custom emulators. Now that the elementary OS challenge is on, it can be found from AppCenter a click away.

#GameHub #LinuxGaming #Linux #gaming

Asi tak nějak, bohužel paywall.

Pokud myslí ti nadšení lidé z komise svůj návrh vážně, začnou od něčeho úplně jiného, totiž od zjednodušení administrativy firem. Aby bylo jednodušší firmu založit a provozovat bez strachu, že vás přijde jednoho dne zlikvidovat státní úřad. Tím uvolní obrovský potenciál podnikavosti, který mezi lidmi je.

Sleduju teď seriál Gotham a tak nějak si nemůžu pomoct, Tučňák mi náturou hodně připomíná Babiše. Takovej bezskrupulózní uknňouránek.

A California judge has ruled that law enforcement cannot compel a person to unlock their phone with face or finger biometrics. Until now, courts have found that the 5th Amendment protects passcodes but not biometrics — though they are functionally equal.

@m4iler it's not even just about truth, but really about the importance of things. Sometimes things get blown up to huge controversies that don't actually touch many lives at all, but because you hear / see it all the time you will feel it kinda has to be important.

(🧙‍♂️ Pss! Pss! I'm testing a new technology for the next episode of Pepper&Carrot and I need your feedback: does this video loop animation displays and plays automatically on your side? Test link (303KB) : is it smooth? on Mac? Win? GNU/Linux Distro? Phones? Thanks for your time!)

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