Thank you Clive #Sinclair. RIP. The #zxspectrum was instant love. First program, first graphics. Your quirky devices rewired mine and many other brains. Hopefully for the better.


Dnes r谩no zem艡el po dlouh茅 nemoci legend谩rn铆 technologick媒 inov谩tor Sir Clive Sinclair. Po膷谩tkem 70. let vyvinul prvn铆 kapesn铆 kalkula膷ku, nejzn谩m臎j拧铆 jsou v拧ak jeho computery 艡ady ZX, po膷谩tkem 80. let prvn铆 cenov臎 dostupn茅 stoln铆 po膷铆ta膷e.


What's evolutionary advantage that kids are trying really hard to infect parents when they're sick? Probably mum will create antibodies and pass them through milk. And yes I was infected.

Holy Sh** #Microsoft has installed the simplest backdoor in your #Linux VMs without you knowing about it.

Microsoft Azure silently install management agents on your Linux VMs without an auto update mechanism, so you have to update manually but you don't know they exist because you didn't install them? 馃

Simply remove the auth header and you are root. Remotely on all machines.馃く

There's something wrong with I had more than 100000 jobs queued in sidekiq. After disabling that relay it started to cleanup pretty fast.

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