Cool Master changed their applicator so they don't have do explain to parents that children are not using drugs. 😂

Jak pozná rýžovar, že je rýže hotová? A jakou roli v tom přesně hraje ten knoflík na pružince uprostřed?
Tohle prostě musíte vidět. 🤓

Cooking food for 3 hours, asking wife how is it. "It's great, it's exactly like hospital food." WTF?

Socialists are like vampires, they only sea people as a resource to duck dry. And also the sucked ones don't have any other choice than turn to the socialists to stay alive.

How the hell my microwave can accomplish that plate is so hot I have to use gloves and food is cold?

Comment : all signs warning of glaciers being gone by 2020 will be gone in 2020.

Glacier National Park removing all "glaciers will be gone by 2020" signs

Glacier National Park in Montana is removing a number of signs around the park that state that all of its glaciers will be melted by 2020, KPAX reports.

"This plant-based alternative can help you quit vaping!"
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