I saw yesterday race and last 2 laps were like: "What's just happening?"

I showed Caustic to my kid. And he created pretty good industrial.

I have first beer since half of May. It's good.

»openSUSE 15.2 is the Mercedes-Benz of Linux distributions« says FOSS Post.
Read their full review here: fosspost.org/reviews/distribut

#openSUSE #Leap152

I successfully broke Gracenote db again, so everything works as it should now. I'm happy man again.

I had some problems with HUD in my car, so they have me new version of the software. Now it stopped processing ogg tags correctly, I had to change my music library to AAC. They also fixed that Gracenote database I carefully damaged, so it changes band names randomly again.

Terminator: Dark fate aka Thelma and Louise 2

curl -s http://artscene.textfiles\.com/vt100/globe.vt | pv -L9600 -q # Spinning ASCII art globe. Visit the parent directory in that URL for more animations.

Oh, it went through. So instance successfully updated to Mastodon 3.2.0.

So I have issues running db:migrate. Looks like it'll take long.

I'll try to update to Mastodon 3.2.0. Wish me luck.

Did you know that #Norway has one of the most free areas in the world? The islands of #Svalbard is a free economic zone, all roads are private, there are no restrictions on foreigners migrating in, and hence no visa requirement, no forced government run care or nursing services are available, nor is welfare payment available. Everybody can live and work in Svalbard indefinitely regardless of citizenship. The Governor of Svalbard also recommends having firearms with you.

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