And its funny that these same tards were the ones going out hunting for nazis, and look what they have become. XD

My parents really had COVID in January. My mom still has high antibodies. So even if you're 75 years old, you can handle it in 4 days.

I bought new airgun Gamo CFX. It's very precise and pretty strong. Maybe I buy optics for it.

How can a "vaccine" lead to herd immunity when it fails to protect people from

a) contracting the virus
b) shedding the virus
c) getting COVID-19 from the virus
d) .... anything 6 months after the jab

Asking for a friend

I've tried Pilsner Urquell several time recently if it got better and compared to other beers, it's just a water. Good if you're thirsty however.

Reading about how someone is 'racist and antisemitic' because he 'believes in the conspiracy theory of the great reset', a plan of elites to change the way the world economic system works.

how is that a conspiracy theory? you can literally buy the book by the people who want to do it.
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