I'll have to create remotely operated electric socket, so I can reboot it when it hangs. I have one free RPi.

Oh my, I was hoping that it was that broken HDD, what caused these occasional hangs of the server, but apparently it's something else.

i feel like Microsoft haven't updated these values in quite a while

What format do you prefer for reading short stories? Boosts appreciated.

In the holy name of Cthulhu, stop doing video tutorials!

They are useless, do not allow you to go in depth on a subject, and, unless your production values are top notch (read professional sound and image crew) will probably be horrible and a pain to watch.

If you care about a technical subject, please take the time to *write* about it and publish it on the Internet.

Wow, mastodon on mobile is pretty good. Maybe it's better to just use it in browser than using Tusky.

"The number of Unix installations has grown to 10, with more expected."
-- The Unix Programmer's Manual, 2nd Edition, June, 1972.

Is somebody also getting hundreds of spam e-mails from different icu domains? Strange is that they're in quite good Czech.

'The Skate Girls of Kabul' photographic series by Jessica Fulford-Dobson featuring girls from the Afghan capital, who are not allowed to ride bikes, so are learning to skateboard instead, to bond and overcome oppressive restrictions placed on girls #womensart

#FridayFeeling t.co/jLAoKR8eyZ

What's with that grown up men with diapers? Is it some new trend? I've muted 3 or 4 today.

This is the first time I used "btrfs replace" to change disk in my raid6 array. It took about 13 hours, system was bit slower, but usable, during that time and everything seem correct afterwards. Thumbs up.

Spanish conservatives vs Mastodon HQs, please get your popcorns ready and get comfy :blobpopcorn: twitter.com/MastodonProject/st

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