US citizen should send Fauci to 鈥淲est Taiwan鈥, they will find him lot more useful.

We need to teach our kids about socialism before it's too late...

And also a reminder that md5 (and other weak algorithm) hashing and hashing without salting will be here forever 馃檮
#md5 #notSecure

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A good reminder that you should always have unique random generated password for every service.
#security #opensubtitles #pawned

Hry jako Wordle m臎 docela bav铆. Ale vlastn臎 je拧t臎 v铆c m臎 bav铆 vyr谩b臎t pro n臎 pom暖cky. 馃槆

Wordle 214 4/6*


Klaus Schwab looks and talks like some Bond movie villain.

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