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Looks like that it's not possible to give likes on some content on Twitter. Like will just disappear after a while.

I've been using @fedilab for a couple of weeks and these are my reactions:
* Excellent feature set, quite impressive
* Doesn't randomly crash the way tusky does
* Because the feature set is so rich, there are a lot of edge cases which need to be handled, some of those have minor issues
* I think the author deserves solidarity because he's pretty clearly not a fascist, IMO he was singled out from all the other clients which don't block gab because he signaled weakness by waffling on the issue.


When you finally decide to implement the stricter network access controls and firewall rules !


What does black and white US flag with one blue stripe mean. I've already seen 2 memes with it. Something new?

Finaly got some time to watch After Life on and it's really funny. Ricky Gervais at his best.

I was said that Freiburg is the most sunniest city in Germany. But it's always raining whenever I'm there.

#2189 "Old Game Worlds" 

Because of heavy rain this night, I could hardly sleep. It'll be long day today.

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